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autumn chimney cleaningThe weather outside is getting cooler, and pretty soon fireplace season will be here.

But before you start using your chimney for the season, you really should make sure it’s clean. Here are a few reasons why it’s important to call chimney cleaners in Philadelphia to prepare your home for autumn and winter.

  1. You’ll keep you and your family safe

As you build fires in your fireplace, a substance called creosote collects inside the flue. It’s a by-product of burning wood, and can black or brown, and can be tar-like and sticky, or more crusty and flaky. Whatever form it takes, creosote is very, very flammable.

But it’s not the only source of fire hazards that can be found inside your chimney. While your fireplace sat out the warm spring and summer months, birds could have been busy inside the chimney building nests out of flammable materials. A blocked up chimney can send smoke and dangerous gases back into your home.

And while they’re performing a cleaning, a chimney professional can also check for cracks or other structural damage that may have occurred since the last cleaning.

  1. You’ll keep your home clean and chimney running smoothly

When soot and creosote collect inside your chimney, they trap moisture against the surface of the flue, causing it to deteriorate. A blocked chimney also causes a fire to heat your home unevenly, and can lead to your furniture smelling smoky and your walls discolored with residue.

  1. You’ll keep up with your insurance policy

Many homeowners’ insurance policies require that chimneys get cleaned at least once a year. Without proof that you’d had your chimney serviced, you may not be covered in the event of a fire.

Keeping your chimney clean is a safe, financially-sound decision, and one best left to a professional. For one low fee, the CSIA-certified chimney cleaners in Philadelphia can make sure your chimneys are clean and functional as you prepare to put them to use as the weather gets colder.