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wood burning stove Bucks PAThe chill of winter is upon us, and one of the best ways to warm up is next to a cozy fireplace or a wood burning stove. There is nothing like the smell and feel of a fire to make the days and nights of this often harsh season feel comforting.

Homeowners across the country are installing secondary sources of heat to help keep their homes comfortable. Wood stoves are a wonderful way to add character to a house, and they are immensely practical, and a fireplace looks aesthetically pleasing. Here are a few things to keep in mind when choosing a new wood burning stove, or fireplace.

Wood Burning Stoves

Wood burning stoves have come a long way over the years. Not only do they provide a great source of heat, they can truly add old world charm to the look of a home. They have also become much more efficient and environmentally friendly. Here are some excellent reasons to purchase a wood burning stove.

  • Energy efficient wood burning stoves are the norm. Wood burning stoves used to be much more polluting, but now they are a great source of heat while using carbon neutral renewable resources and offering low emissions.
  • If you’re looking for energy efficiency, stoves that use compressed biomass pellets are an outstanding option. Using pellets made of biomass materials, these stoves heat homes without the high carbon footprint of oil. Biomass pellets are made from a variety of materials, such as corn, wheat, wood, and barley
  • Modern wood burning stoves are a breeze to operate, and often feature igniter buttons to start burning. Wood stoves are quiet, and have minimal cleanup and maintenance.
  • Heating a home with oil can be expensive. Wood burning stoves can save money on home heating costs by up to a 1/3 what homeowners usually spend on oil.

Wood burning stoves are an investment. They can be used to heat either one or two rooms, or an entire home. Keep that in mind when choosing your stove.

Choose a Fireplace

Many homeowners invest in a fireplace when they only need to heat a specific room, which means this option often costs less than a wood stove. While it’s not as energy efficient, it can do a great job of adding to a home’s value and decor. A new fireplace is a great way to heat a room, and even if it’s not in use, it looks lovely.

It’s not easy to control the amount of heat a fireplace puts out, and a fireplace does require constant monitoring when it’s in use, especially if children are around. Embers and flames can get out of control, so vigilance is a must.

Choosing between a fireplace and a wood burning stove can be difficult, as they both have pros and cons that a homeowner should take into consideration. No matter what choice you end up making, either of them are great investments that will improve the look and feel of your home. For those looking to save money on home heating and want to use energy efficient methods, a wood stove is a great choice.

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