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Unless you happen to be a so-called snowbird—someone who passes the coldest months of the year in a warmer part of the county—you’re probably familiar with the wide-eyed shock that accompanies the first heating bill of winter.

Instead of the relatively inexpensive bills that arrive each month in the spring, summer and fall here in Bucks County and Montgomery County, a winter heating bill can easily be as pricey as half of your other bills combined.

But there is a way to beat those outrageous heating bills, and it starts with the manner in which you heat your home. For years, Estates Chimney has been helping both residential and commercial customers beat their bills by offering a range of alternative home heating systems. Not only will you save a significant amount of money by having one of our alternative heating systems installed in your home or place of business—you’ll also be doing the right thing for the planet, ecologically speaking.

Keep reading if you’re interested in learning about some of our solutions. Even if you’ve never considered making a change to the way your home or business receives its heat, you might be surprised by just how straightforward and affordable making the switch can be.

 Wood-Burning Stoves

Along with the long-lasting enjoyment you and your family (or your co-workers) will get from a wood-burning stove, you’ll also find yourself the recipient of a financial benefit: You’ll see a reduction in your energy bill right away. You’ll also be significantly reducing your home’s carbon footprint. That’s one of the main reason we only sell wood-burning stoves that are uniquely constructed to optimize heat output while burning your fuel in the most efficient manner possible.

And here’s another wood-burning stove benefit: If you happen to live in a part of the country that’s prone to power loss (from heavy storms or other sorts of inclement weather), you’ll still be able to enjoy the light and warmth given off by your stove. It’s a benefit that could prove to be a lifesaver—literally.

Pellet-Burning Stoves

Along with the obvious ways home owners and business owners can save money using alternative heating sources, the government has chosen to give consumers one more good reason to make the switch. Did you know the Internal Revenue Service is offering a $300 energy tax credit for wood stoves and pellet stoves?

It’s true. You can find information about the Wood and Pellet Stove Tax Credit here, but it’s important to remember that the credit only covers 75 percent efficient (or greater) stoves. If you’re interested in taking advantage of the credit, speak with your retailer of choice to make sure you’re buying a qualifying stove.

A pellet stove, for those of you not familiar, is a stove that operates by burning biomass pellets—or wood, occasionally—to create a heat source. Because they can reach an efficiency factor of more than 90 percent, they’ve become increasingly popular with homeowners who like the idea of being consumers of renewable energy. It doesn’t get much more ecologically responsible than owning a pellet stove.

Still Have Questions?

Estates Chimney sells a number of different pellet stoves and various multi-fuel stoves from over a half-dozen different manufacturers. We offer gas stoves and gas fireplaces (a gas stove provides consistent, controllable heat, even during power outages), as well as wood stoves, wood fireplaces, cast iron stoves, and more.

Feel free to contact us for more information. Or better yet, visit one of our two brick-and-mortar stores in Chalfont and Holland, where you can see many of our ecologically-responsible products in person. We’ll look forward to showing you everything we have to offer.