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Mother Nature hasn’t exactly blessed Bucks and Montgomery counties with a warm and sunny spring. But before we know it, it will be time once again to fire up the Bull Grill and invite the neighbors over for a weekend barbecue. Or why not think a little bit bigger, and throw a good old fashioned neighborhood block party?

Point is, the sky’s the limit when a gas or charcoal Bull Grill is waiting patiently in your back yard, especially when you consider just how many different options and features are available in the incredibly wide range of Bull grilling and barbecue products we offer — everything from standalone BBQ cart grills to heavy-duty drop-in grill units to our eye-popping line of luxurious island grills.

But here’s a quick word to the wise: There’s pretty much nothing that kills a weekend barbecue event like bad food cooked on a dirty grill. And a gas grill that misfires because it wasn’t properly checked at the start of the season could cause a serious injury.

So if you’re about ready to pull the cover off your grill and set it to work for the summer, do yourself, your family, and your neighbors a favor by running through these tips for preparing your Bull Grills Philadelphia. You’ll be glad you did.

1.  Check Your Tubes, Hoses, and Burners

Pay close attention to the state of your cooker’s most potentially dangerous parts. No matter how high quality your grill, propane hoses have a tendency to develop holes and tears, and to develop all sorts of greasy, grimy build-up.

Your propane grill’s hose is nothing to play around with, and one should never be used if it’s displaying even the slightest sign of a hole. They’re not terribly expensive to replace, and if your grill has been sitting outside all winter, you’ll want to look closely for cracks. If your hoses look good but you find buildup of grease residue, give them a good cleaning (more on that later).

While you’re at it, check for rust spots. If not treated properly, these could turn into holes. Make sure that all knobs, bolts, and other items haven’t loosened over the past year.

And although you will want to refill your propane tank, it’s generally best to finish your maintenance first. In fact, you’ll want to disconnect your propane tank from your grill before doing any sort of maintenance or heavy cleaning.

 2. Invest an Hour or Two In a Deep Clean

 We’ll admit it: Spending an afternoon scrubbing down your Bull Grill doesn’t exactly scream “Good times.” But even if you and your family did a decent job of removing the food gunk and other residue from last summer’s final few barbecues, there’s a still a good chance dust and other gunk has made its way onto the grill in the months since.

Remember: You’re going to be eating off this thing, so part of preparing your Bull Grill is getting a good wire brush and giving everything a solid once-over. If you’re feeling ambitious, you can remove the grill’s internal parts and soak them in warm water and dish-washing soap. At the very least, spend some time on your grill’s grates, and make sure they shine before that first rack of ribs makes its way to the fire.

It’s easy to forget about your grill’s grease trap, which is exactly why you should give it a look before your first barbecue of the summer: If you forgot to empty and clean it at the end of the season last year, you might have your work cut out for you. Grease can be tricky to get rid of after it’s stood in place for months. In most cases, a natural, all-purpose cleaner and a scouring pad you won’t mind throwing away should take care of the problem nicely.

Finally, if your grill has aluminum parts, take care not to use abrasive cleaners, wire brushes, or scouring pads. Instead, a nylon brush and a grill-cleaning cloth will do the trick.

 3. And Now for the Fun Part: A Test Run

No matter how skillful a griller you are, there’s always a chance that you made a mistake during cleaning. The last thing you need is for something major to go wrong — or worse, for nothing to happen at all — when you finally crank up the grill during the first weekend party of the season. So let your Bull Grill burn for a few moments before any pricey meats go on the burners, and make sure everything’s operating as it should, and that no leaks are present.

And after that? It’s all systems go, and you’re cooking with gas, so to speak. Enjoy the season.

If you don’t already have Bull Grills Philadelphia in your life, come visit our Chalfont or Holland shops, and  see what more than 20 years of outdoor cooking experience has created. We’ll look forward to teaching you everything we know about these tough, versatile grills.