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When you think about a chimney, you picture the brick structure on the side of a house.

But there’s another important component to your chimney, one that you can’t really see from the outside, but is still doing an important job.

We’re talking about the chimney liner, which covers the surface of your chimney’s flue. Liners are made from a number of materials: clay tile, aluminum, cement and stainless steel. Today we’re going to focus on the benefits of a stainless steel chimney liner.

1. Home safety

If your chimney doesn’t have a liner – or if its liner is old and cracked – you run the risk of letting smoke or other toxic gases into your home.

2. Easy installation

Adding a clay tile liner to the inside of your chimney can be a labor intensive – and thus expensive – job. Stainless steel is much easier to install than other types of liners.

3. Easy cleaning

Cleaning a stainless steel liner is much easier than scrubbing the tight corners and tiny squares of an unlined or tiled flue.

4. Long lasting protection

A stainless steel chimney liner will help carry the smoke, water and creosote created by burning fuel outside of your home without letting it touch the bricks of your chimney. The steel is corrosion resistant, meaning it will last you several years.

5. Insulation

Cement or clay chimney liners typically aren’t insulated. But stainless steel chimney liners can be insulated, which helps reduce creosote build-up and prevents drafts from coming down your chimney when you don’t have a fire going.

6. Energy efficiency

An insulated liner not only reduces downdrafts, it also improves fuel efficiency through more complete combustion. And some high-efficiency fuel burning devices may require a stainless steel liner to prevent corrosive condensation.

If you think your chimney could benefit from a stainless steel liner, contact Estate Chimney Sweep Inc. We carry the Forever Flex stainless steel chimney liner, designed for fast installation and easy cleaning.

And remember that Estate Chimney offers chimney cleaning and chimney inspections in PA before the cold weather season begins. Whether you need a new liner, or just want peace of mind before winter comes, we can help keep your home safe.