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If you’ve been thinking about upgrading your home’s heating source, or perhaps replacing it altogether, and you’ve almost certainly spoken to friends or come across information online about the various advantages of owning a wood burning stove. But what exactly is a wood burning stove, and in which ways might owning a wood stove in Bucks County or Montgomery County be more beneficial to you than, say, a traditional fireplace? As it happens, there a quite a few reasons, and we’d like to share some of those reasons with you here.

Owning A Wood Stove In Bucks County Can Save You Big Money

If you live in a large house, or in a house that’s consistently difficult to heat, you’ve probably experienced your fair share of eye-popping utility bills. Especially during a Bucks County or Montgomery County winter, gas bills can easily enter the low three-digits each month. But because wood is such a relatively inexpensive source of fuel, owners of a wood  stove in Bucks County who have properly and strategically placed stoves in their homes can literally save hundreds of dollars each year.

It is as simple as changing your fuel source: The amount of wood you’ll need to heat your home will always be less expensive than gas, oil, or electricity. In fact, according to Ken Naylor, the president of a New Hampshire-based fireplace retailer, “Anywhere between 50 percent and 75 percent of an oil bill [can] possibly be eliminated using wood heat.”

You’ll Never Experience A Better Quality Of Heat

Have you ever wondered why wood stoves are so often placed in the center of a home, or at least the center of a large room, as opposed to alongside a wall? It all has to do with the principal of something called radiant heat, which explains the manner in which heat escapes from such stoves. Simply put, a wood burning stove radiates heat from literally all sides and in all directions, including the top. Contrast that to the modern but much less effective heating vent in your home, which blows hot air in only one direction.

In fact, it’s partially the principal of radiant heat that explains why wood burning stoves can lead to such large financial savings. Depending on the size and layout of your home, you could theoretically replace your current central heating system entirely with a few well-placed stoves, each one designed to heat a particular zone within your house.

Wood Burning Stoves Are Eco-Friendly

It certainly is true that where the environment is concerned, sometimes the old ways are still the best. That’s the case with a wood stove, which of course relies on no fossil fuels, such as natural gas or propane, for its heat.

Indeed, wood is an entirely carbon-neutral substance; burning it adds no additional carbon dioxide to our atmosphere. So along with a significant financial savings and a much higher quality of indoor heat than you’ve probably ever experienced before, you’ll be contributing in a very significant way to the betterment of the Earth.

Perhaps you’re beginning to understand why wood burning stoves have become so hugely popular in Bucks County?

Are You in A Remote Area with Power Outages? No Problem

Yet another reason wood stoves in Bucks County have lately taken off: Peace of mind.

There are certainly more than a few stretches of Bucks County that are far removed from any centers of retail and business. Some of you even have homes that are far removed from other homes. And when you live in such a rural setting, power outages during periods of inclement weather simply become a way of life.

A wood burning stove, of course, never experiences a power outage—that is, as long as you have actual wood to burn. These stoves are, after all, incredibly dependable. If you purchase a high enough quality unit, there’s a very good chance it’ll outlive you. And regardless of what’s happening to the gas or electricity supply coming into your home, you’ll always have warmth.

To be sure, there are numerous other reasons you might want to invest in a wood stove for your Bucks County or Montgomery County home. Did you know, for instance, that some models come with stove tops built in? How cool is that?

There’s also the matter of interior design: Regardless of whether you’d prefer a wood burning stove that looks hundreds of years old or one that fits right in with your home’s contemporary design, Estates Chimney absolutely has you covered.

Our family owned and operated business has brick-and-mortar locations in both Chalfont and Holland, and you’d better believe that own courteous and extremely knowledgeable staff members would love to tell you all what they know about wood burning stoves, and to show you the models we currently have in stock that would be perfectly at home in your home. Feel free to give us a call or pay us a visit today.