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Bull Grills

Bull Outdoor Products has been a trustworthy name in dependable and versatile outdoor cooking gear for over 20 years. Their full line of charcoal and gas grills are designed to provide you with an optimal outdoor cooking experience. Estates Chimney Sweep is a vendor for Bull Grills because we trust their quality, durability and reliability.

Whether you want a permanent grill installation that will allow you to cook for your family or entertain guests throughout the year, or a portable model that can be conveniently stored until next summer, Bull has a number of options to meet your needs; including our movable carts, permanent drop-in models, and high-end islands. Contact us today to learn more about any of our Bull Grills in Bucks County, or let us know if you need a new propane tank delivered directly to your home!

Grill Carts are standalone units that are versatile and useful. Grill carts are the standard backyard BBQ implement and Bull has models running from 30,000 BTUs to 105,000 BTUs to satisfy every backyard chef’s particular barbecuing needs. Get started grilling with a backyard BBQ grill cart today! Our units are available in a number of styles and with a variety of features, including infrared back burners, side burners, and storage shelves.

Drop-In or Built-in Grills are heavy duty units designed to be permanently placed in a backyard unit. These grills become an integral part of your backyard cooking experience and are ideal for hardcore barbecue cooks. Bull Drop-In Grills have similar features and designs to their standalone grill carts, but are designed to be permanently installed. These stainless steel grill inserts are designed to withstand the elements to provide you with an excellent outdoor, year long, cooking experience for years to come.

Bull BBQ Islands are the ultimate in outdoor cooking. From simple bar islands to complete outdoor kitchens, Bull has the solution for your backyard cooking needs. In addition to built in grills with multiple burner and rotisserie setups, optional features can include refrigeration units, MP3 players, granite countertops, and much more! This truly is the ultimate outdoor cooking experience! If you want to take your backyard grilling to the ultimate level, these are the tools you need.

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