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Traditional Gas Fireplaces & Inserts

Gas fireplaces are vastly more efficient and cleaner than any wood burning inserts can be. With a gas fireplace, the heat generated stays in your home and since gas burns so cleanly, the chimney will stay clean and clear of buildup. If your home is piped for natural gas, this can be a great option. They require little to no maintenance, and turn on and off at the simple press of a button. You can even maintain the rustic charm of a traditional fireplace. To preserve the attractiveness of a traditional fireplace, ceramic logs are placed in the center of the unit to emulate a traditional wood burning fire. However, unlike a wood burning stove, you never need to worry about stray embers or creosote buildup from a gas model. If a gas fireplace sounds right for your home, check out some of these options available from Estates Chimney Sweep.


Exceptional fire. Regency is the essence of quality and style. In just 3 easy steps, you can have a Regency Gas Fireplace almost anywhere in your home – no chimney needed! Select a fireplace, pick the perfect fireplace mantel, and have it vented through an outside wall. Enjoy watching the lively, realistic fire of your new Panorama Gas Fireplace while it warms your home and your soul. Add the classic aesthetic and functionality of a fireplace to your home, and enjoy a huge selection of Panorama gas fireplaces available at our showrooms in Holland and Chalfont PA.

Mendota Gas Fireplaces

Discover hand-molded logs, inviting interior linings, designer fronts and full, authentic flames. Plus, you can rest easy knowing that every Mendota gas fireplace is safety tested to rigorous ANSI/AGA standards and backed by a Lifetime Limited Warranty.


Elegant Efficiency. Regency Energy Gas Inserts are high efficiency systems that add value to your home. The best way to combat rising heating bills is to turn the thermostat down and enjoy a warm fire in the rooms in which you do most of your living. Regency Energy Gas Inserts can be installed into an existing fireplace to put an end to drafts and provide high efficiency heat. One of our best-selling fireplaces Philadelphia PA homeowners trust to keep their homes warm all winter long.

Mendota Gas Inserts

Breathe life and warmth into the heart of your home with a high efficiency, restoration-quality Mendota gas fireplace insert. It quickly slides into existing masonry or installed factory built fireplaces and utilizes your existing chimney with a liner.


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